About Mr. Ibrahim Bin Mousa Al-Zwaied

Mr. Al-Zwaied was born in the city of Buraidah, Al-Qassim region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1378 A.H. (1959 A.D.) He received his first education in Buraidah and completed his higher education in Riyadh. He is married and has sons and daughters. Most of his work has been in the private sector. He started his career as an employee at Al-Shark National Corporation then then moved up the career ladder, eventually becoming a Deputy Director during the period from 1389 A.H. to 1395 A.H. In addition, he joined Zalfa Corporation for Trade and Industry. In the year 1395 A.H., he established his first project, namely, Al-Ghad Trading Company in Riyadh. The Company soon grew, developed and opened several branches encompassing real estate, constructions and trading activities. It implemented several governmental, private projects as well as various trading and investment activities. It opened branches in Al-Qassim and implemented a wide range of governmental and private projects in construction and trade. Later in 1402 A.H., the Company was transformed to Al-Ghad International Company and further continued its activities and growth up to the present day. It implemented several government projects in the construction field.


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